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ECO Friendly BBCM Series

Below Sink Combined Boiling and Chilled Water and Boiling only Dispensers

UltimixDelivers Boiling and Chilled Water

timerOptional 24 hour timer saves power

Electronic controller of the boiling unitElectronic controller of the boiling unit

Features at a glance

  • Greenest unit on the market - small carbon footprint
  • 99% recyclable
    - That means less of our product ends up as landfill
  • Simple design
    - Our heating element contains its own small electronic control unit so it's easily replaced when it eventually does wear out
  • No water pumps, solenoid valves or electronic taps
    - Means there are fewer breakdowns and, importantly, less energy is consumed
  • 24 hour timer (optional) to save power
    - Friendly for the environment and your hip pocket
  • Extra wool insulation to keep water at optimum temperature
  • Twin filter systems
  • Undersink mounted
  • 9 models to chose from either boiling only or boiling/chilled
  • Easy and inexpensive to repair
    - There aren't any moving parts so it's maintenance free