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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter about our products and services.

If you need more information on the boiling billy range of products or services we offer please feel free to contact us using our contact form.

What products do Boiling-Billy sell?

Boiling Billy sells a range of filtered water heating and chilling units for use in commercial, government and residential applications. Please browse the on-line catalogue or contact us directly for more advice and information on any of our products.

What is so special about the Eco Friendly Series?

The Boiling Billy Eco Friendly Series is the most energy efficient combined boiling and chilled unit available with the following benefits:

  • 99% recyclable
    - That means less of our product ends up as landfill
  • Simple design
    - Our heating element contains its own small electronic control unit so it's easily replaced when it eventually does wear out.
  • No water pumps, solenoid valves or electronic taps
    - Means there are fewer breakdowns and, importantly, less energy is consumed.
  • 24 hour timer to save power
    - Friendly for the environment and your hip pocket
  • Extra wool insulation to keep water at optimum temperature
  • Twin filter systems
  • 9 models to chose from either boiling only or boiling/chilled
  • Easy and inexpensive to repair
    - There aren't any moving parts so it's maintenance free

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How do I know which product is best for my needs?

The boiling billy product selection and sizing wizard is the easiest way to find out what Boiling Billy product is best for your application. If you need further advice on choosing the right Boiling Billy product to meet your requirements please do not hesitate to contact the Boiling Billy agent closest to you.

Where can I buy Boiling Billy products?

Boiling Billy products are sold through our national network of agents, plumbers merchants and electrical wholesalers and we do not sell directly to the public. Find your nearest distributor of Boiling Billy products or contact us directly for more information.

Who should I use to install my Boiling Billy product?

Your local Boiling Billy agent will be able to direct you to a qualified tradesperson who will be able to install your Boiling Billy product.

Who can provide servicing and maintenance for my Boiling Billy product?

Your local Boiling Billy agent will be able to direct you to a qualified tradesperson who will be able to service and maintain your Boiling Billy product.

Where can I buy spare parts for my boiling billy products?

Spare parts can be purchased by contacting your local major plumbing merchants and electrical wholesalers. Please contract your local agent for details of your nearest stockist.

Who do I contact for warranty returns and faults for Boiling Billy products?

If the product is under warranty simply fill in the RMA / Warranty Repair form or please call your local Boiling Billy agent quoting the product model and serial number and we will arrange for its repair or replacement free of charge. If the warranty has expired or the nature of the fault is excluded from the warranty please contact your local Boiling Billy agent and we will be pleased to recommend an accredited repairer.