The Healthy Alternative

health scienceBoiling Billy hygienically filters your water to give you piping hot coffee or fresh brewed tea in an instant, or cool, clear and refreshing water to quench your thirst after sport or on a hot summer's day.

A full range of benefits....

Boiling Billy water filtration removes 99.9% of all parasites and bacteria. Our chilled water units eliminate the need to refrigerate bottled water and operate at a fraction of the cost.

Caring For The Environment


Boiling Billy applies the Venturi Principle of water pressure. There aren't any moving parts so it's maintenance free. It's our way of harnessing nature's technology. When there aren't any pumps, solenoid valves or electronic taps, there are fewer breakdowns and, importantly, less energy is consumed.

Our heating element contains its own small electronic control unit so it's easily replaced when it eventually does wear out. Everything else is recyclable. That means only 2% of our product ends up as landfill.